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When I saw the Kuhn Rikon 3-piece knife set on Woot, I couldn't resist. Lusting for years after Wusthof Classics, I'm used to each of my knives costing upwards of $40 (which is why I have two Classics and a large number of crappy knives -- and one of the Classics was a gift). $15 for three sounded like a steal, and even if I didn't like them, I knew I could give them to someone less knife-snobbish, who'd be perfectly happy to have them.

By complete coincidence, the package arrived the same day I picked up the three J. A. Henkels knives on a Groupon I'd purchased months back. The Henkels went into daily use, while the Rikons, due to my showing off their cuteness to some of my wife's family members, ended up being hidden in a drawer from the toddler and forgotten for a month or so.

I happened across them today. I had a pineapple to cut, so I figured what the hell, let's give them a spin.
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Remember the soup I like? Well, this time I made a quadruple portion. That's 24 cups of broth, plus about 6lb of potatoes again. So, all told, probably on the order of 28 cups of soup.

I made it Monday night. [ profile] katfeete had a bowl. It's now gone.
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Many posts brewing in my head, but first, a spur of the moment realization. Background: Yesterday, I made a triple-sized portion of something very similar to this -- though my recipe came from the Mediterranean Diet Cookbook (plus, I added the optional potatoes -- about 6lbs of them -- so it's turned out to be quite the prodigious amount) I'm now on bowl no. 7 in two days. It will be gone by tomorrow night. I'm going to finish this one and go have another shortly. It's official: I'm a moresoupial.


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