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Originally posted by [ profile] za_me4toj at Научиться рисовать до Нового Года? Да!
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До Нового года осталось всего ничего. Это только кажется, что времени еще много, но вы же знаете, что пролетит оно незаметно, а потом придется спешно покупать подарки, завершать дела и подводить итоги в канун праздника. Я предлагаю начать все эти дела заранее и добавить немного креатива прямо в этом году.

С 3-го октября мы начинаем бесплатный 12-недельный курс обучения рисованию по системе Бетти Эдвардс "Художник внутри вас". Профессор Бетти написала свою книгу еще в середине 80х годов. Но и сейчас она не потеряла своей актуальности. Развить творческое мышление через обучение рисованию - разве это не чудесная идея? А десятилетия успешной практики только подтверждают эффективность ее методов.

Просто для примера:
вот рисунки ее студентов в начале курса

а вот через 12 недель

Впечатляет? Меня очень :) 
О чем это все? )


Хотим сообщить вам важное известие -
В ночь с пятницы на субботу (7-8 октября) ровно в 00-00 мы закроем возможность присоединиться к тренингу
"Научиться рисовать до Нового Года? Да!" - комментарии будут отключены.

Количество участников нас невероятно удивило!
Спасибо всем!

Если вы уже успели оставить заявку - не переживайте, мы вас обязательно запишем, никого не пропустим)


Oct. 5th, 2011 01:21 am
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OK, body, what the hell?

Went to bed at about 2:30am, woke up at 10:42. Pretty normal.

Worked until about 5:30, gave in to the headache, took painkillers. Went to take a nap at 6pm.

Woke up at 1 in the morning.

Now I'm as disoriented and time-shifted as could be. But at least I don't have a headache.


Or dinner.
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While I distract myself from actual work, have a brief play script.

The participants
Mongolia A cash-poor, resource-rich country, drawing massive attention from the world's mining companies. Home to the Oyu Tolgoi project. The country owns a 34% stake in the project.

Rio Tinto The world's second-largest mining company, a 140-year-old British-Australian multinational, controlling 4.9% of the global mining productiion. Operating partner in Oyu Tolgoi project, Part-owner of Ivanhoe Mines.

Ivanhoe Mines Canadian mining company, responsible for discovery of Oyu Tolgoi, and currently holding a 66% stake in the project.

Oyu Tolgoi The world's largest undeveloped copper-gold deposit. Largest investment Mongolia's history, projected to contribute more than 30% to the country's GDP and raise the average Mongolian's income by $60. (if it can find an average Mongolian to give the money to, of course)

And now, let the fun begin.
August 4th, 2011 "Ivanhoe chief says Oyu Tolgoi should be worth $30 billion"

August 30th, 2011 "Ivanhoe up 23% in a week as Oyu Tolgoi news just gets better"

September 21s, 2011 "Ivanhoe roiled as Mongolia rethinks Oyu Tolgoi, says partner Rio makes ‘unauthorized’ statements" (looks like the statements in question were about delays in getting power connections to the mine, meaning delays for production start)

September 25th, 2011 "Mongolia wants 50 pct of Rio's Oyu Tolgoi project, minister says"

September 26th, 2011 "Spooked investors dump Ivanhoe despite reassurances - shares crash 21%"

September 28th, 2011 "Rio Tinto pays Can$73 million for 49% of Ivanhoe Mines" *

And that is how it's done, folks.

*did not actually purchase 49% for $73 million. What Rio actually did was purchase 0.5% for $73 million, increasing its total stake in Ivanhoe to 49%. Also, least useful headline ever.
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This is a pony generator.

And these are some generated ponies.

Use this power for good, people. Only for good.
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I hadn't fully appreciated the troubles of the print media industry. Until now.

Seriously, New Scientist?
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Remember the soup I like? Well, this time I made a quadruple portion. That's 24 cups of broth, plus about 6lb of potatoes again. So, all told, probably on the order of 28 cups of soup.

I made it Monday night. [ profile] katfeete had a bowl. It's now gone.
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[ profile] scott_lynch, who is generally awesome, is rightly annoyed at the right-wing drive against Planned Parenthood. He's putting a number of his books up on auction, with all proceeds going to the Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Please consider bidding. If you can't, please spread the word (there's this really neat "share" button which I've only just noticed)

Original post by Scott below.

Planned Parenthood Benefit Auction: Lots o' My Books
I wish I could say that I was surprised that last year's fresh crop of far right-wing whackaloons, allegedly elected to state and federal positions to stir the economy and create jobs, has instead spent a disproportionate amount of its time going utterly hog-wild against womens' health and reproductive rights.

Planned Parenthood is under siege from maniacs in more than one state; hypocritical lunatics who don't seem to grasp that it offers a broad slate of essential health and life-saving services including STD testing/treatment, cancer screening and preventive treatment, and contraceptive services. Planned Parenthood is already prohibited from spending any of its federal funding directly on abortion services, but that's just not good enough for the lunatics, because it's not really about the "sanctity of life" for them (if it were, they'd show decidedly more interest in the health and safety of those precious little life forms once they leave the womb)-- it's about leveraging all the powers of the state they can possibly get their hands on to control women and intrude on the most private aspects of their lives.

Well, an author not hamstrung by anxiety issues might be able to do some good to fight back against this bullshit... so it's time to try being that guy. This here is an experiment, kids. I am offering several lots of my books on eBay, in a series of charity auctions. 100% of the proceeds from these auctions will be donated to The Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

These lots are made up of international editions of my work, taken from my private collection. These books are extremely rare in North America and the UK in particular, and this might be your easiest chance to snag a few. Certainly, it'll be your cheapest and perhaps only chance to snag a few and have them signed to order by me.

Here's what such a lot looks like:

  • The Spanish edition of THE LIES OF LOCKE LAMORA from Alianza Editorial (softcover);
  • The Swedish edition of RED SEAS UNDER RED SKIES from Bonnier Carlson (hardcover); and
  • The Italian edition of RED SEAS UNDER RED SKIES from Editrice Nord (hardcover)

  • The Bulgarian edition of THE LIES OF LOCKE LAMORA from Riva (softcover);
  • The Norwegian Edition of THE LIES OF LOCKE LAMORA from Cappelen Damm (hardcover); and
  • The Dutch edition of RED SEAS UNDER RED SKIES from Mynx (hardcover, wrapped)

    As a bonus with each lot, I will throw in a very nice commemorative print of a variant TLOLL cover by genius Bragelonne artist Benjamin Carre. I received a small supply of these in France in 2007 and if you're looking for a worthwhile Gentleman Bastard souvenir guaranteed to be scarce across the world, this would be it. You'll also get a commemorative bookmark from the same event.

    These two lots are the first of several charity auctions I mean to list this weekend. Please note that the very dorkily named "wisconsinscottlynch" is the one and only real me on eBay.
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    I've been researching a trip to Montreal for the last few days. As of last night, my plan was to fly into Burlington, VT, rent a car and drive into Montreal. The price difference between flying that way and straight into Montreal is impressive -- about $300. Well, it was around $300 when I last looked; we all know that airlines adjust ticket pricing based on projected spikes in demand.

    Apparently, so do car rental companies.

    To wit: Last night, looking at a rental from Budget Cars at BTV airport starting at 23:45 on August 3 and returning at 18:00 on August 7 was going to cost me $113 before taxes ($148 after). But the catch is, my flight lands at 23:59 -- exactly the time the rental location closes. So I waited until this morning to call them and find out whether they stay open a little bit longer if they know they have a rental reservation. Except this morning, the rate isn't quite the same... It's $272 before taxes. $341 after.

    Mind you, when you have clear evidence the company is trying to fleece you, you can get a much better response from the CSRs at the reservation call centre. I was offered a rate of $185 total. Which still isn't $148, so I think I'll pass, and watch the fares.

    ETA:The pricing saga continues! Today (Saturday morning) it's $170 before tax, $218 after! I wonder what tomorrow will bring...
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    Holy crap, people! *Angelfire* is still alive!

    Better yet, it's owned by *Lycos*!
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    EeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! (transformer)

    (been a long while since I've gotten this excited about new hardware)
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    Obsessively reloading the UPS tracking page will not make my Transformer get here any faster.

    But just in case, I'll go refresh the page one more time now.
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    I just received an invitation to a web service called "Referral Key." I have some reservations about joining yet another professional social network, but maybe I'm being overly cynical.

    Have you had any experience with the site?
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    I'm far from being as sustainable as I'd like to be -- and even farther from being as sustainable as I can be. I think it's time to spend some cognitive energies on this, hopefully improving my real-world environmental record in the process. I'll try and quantify things as much as possible along the way. I welcome any and all help in this process. Recognizing that my ramblings on this topic aren't of universal interest, I will be making future posts on the subject under a cut )
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    Am I completely off-base in saying that
    1) We cannot place a monetary value on the life of an individual, but
    2) policymakers can -- and must -- place a monetary value on human life in aggregate?
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    Earlier today, at Ellie's photo session.
    [ profile] icedrake: That fun fur looks like someone skinned a carebear.

    Baby photos

    May. 4th, 2011 07:40 pm
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    And Baby! up close.
    Eleanor Rahil' $lastname

    And Eleanor (currently codename "Ellie") with tired but happy mom.

    Edit: I'm being defeated by the Flickr image embedding scheme, and all I have to work with is an itouch screen. Please let me know if you *can* see the images. In the meantime, have the raw links.
    Child of Edit: Embedding fixed.
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    We have a daughter :)

    Also, @_0

    Now where's that manual?

    It's begun

    May. 4th, 2011 09:14 am
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    Now I wait. More as things develop.