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When I saw the Kuhn Rikon 3-piece knife set on Woot, I couldn't resist. Lusting for years after Wusthof Classics, I'm used to each of my knives costing upwards of $40 (which is why I have two Classics and a large number of crappy knives -- and one of the Classics was a gift). $15 for three sounded like a steal, and even if I didn't like them, I knew I could give them to someone less knife-snobbish, who'd be perfectly happy to have them.

By complete coincidence, the package arrived the same day I picked up the three J. A. Henkels knives on a Groupon I'd purchased months back. The Henkels went into daily use, while the Rikons, due to my showing off their cuteness to some of my wife's family members, ended up being hidden in a drawer from the toddler and forgotten for a month or so.

I happened across them today. I had a pineapple to cut, so I figured what the hell, let's give them a spin.

Holy fucking shit.

So that zebra print pattern? It's part of the non-stick coating. "Knife through butter" doesn't quite measure up. "Fucking knife through soft fucking butter" feels much closer to reality.

The Wusthofs don't do this. The Henkels, new out of the box, didn't do this. No knife I've ever owned or used has done this.

I'm pretty sure I lucked into the greatest strength of these knives: Dealing with any kind of moist, relatively unyielding, surface that would normally create a suction effect against the flat of the blade. Might not be amazing for cutting meat, but boy will it ever be awesome for potatoes, radishes, pineapples, melons...

Needless to say, I can't comment on how well these knives hold an edge, having just used them for the first time. But while still factory-sharpened, I must say these knives are already teaching me to lose my bad habits: Holding the pineapple rind while slicing it off with the paring knife? Realizing that the blade edge is in direct line with my fingers, and the only thing keeping me safe is that flimsy layer of rind? Yeah, not a happy moment.

From what I've seen, the set goes for about $30-$40 without discounts, which is an awesome price for some awesome knives. Strongly recommended.

Oh, shit, this was supposed to be profanity-laden.
Ah, fuck it.
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